Bike to Work Day ATX

Print & Web Campaign/Bike Austin/2018

The Problem

Austin, Texas is known for being a bike-friendly city. Unfortunately like most growing cities it is also known for its car congestion caused by exploding population and urban sprawl. To help increase the number of active bike riders on the road, a visible and widespread bike-to-work day is a cornerstone event for Bike Austin, one of the city’s many bike advocacy organizations.

The Project

Through a network of private partnerships and volunteer efforts, over 40 “fueling stations” around the city provided coffee and snacks in drive-time morning hours. Each stop at one of these stations entered participants into a prize drawing during an after-party. Marketing material and station “passports” were needed for the event that were not only functional and cost-effective, but tied strongly into the brand of Bike Austin.


  • Worked collaboratively with Bike Austin leadership to visualize a modern but recognizable brand for the event.
  • Created posters, social media graphics, and marketing material.
  • Designed fueling station punch cards with after party information to be handed out to participants at fueling station stops.

The Solution

The three-color striped design not only matches the core brand of Bike Austin, but also symbolizes the standard delineation of bike lanes; green and white paint on gray asphalt. With the addition of fun and approachable icon sets and a subtle strikethrough of the word “WORK”, the novice bike rider is encouraged to make early preparations, and start biking today.

The Results

Printed and web graphics were easily integrated into existing communication processes, and fueling stations were well identified with branded posters. Talking with fuel station organizers, the fueling card was well-received and easy to use. (Background photo credit: Bike Austin).

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