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Campaign/Bike BloNo/2018

The Problem

As public support for bicycle infrastructure grew in Bloomington-Normal Illinois, more and more bike riders took to the road to share lanes with car drivers. To increase safety and reduce crashes, education of road laws and awareness of shared commutes was needed for both cyclists and car drivers.

The Project

Working collaboratively with the twin cities of Normal and Bloomington, I, as creative lead for Bike BloNo, led the creation of a grass-roots awareness campaign to encourage safe streets and make bike riders more visible to car-driving commuters. Sponsorship with local businesses created unique opportunities for models that both demonstrated the breadth of cycling in the community, and created recognizable content to viewers.


  • Led organizational efforts on behalf of Bike BloNo to develop, refine, produce, and launch a locally focused bike awareness campaign.
  • Facilitated large and small brainstorming sessions with local creative community to develop and refine core concept, message, and visuals.
  • Partnered with city planning and marketing official on message approval, talent contracts, and cost-sharing.
  • Fundraised through financial gifts and business sponsorship to decrease out-of-pocket cost.
  • Contracted with local photographers and designers, directed photo shoots, and established design deliverables.
  • Recruited real, local bike riders as models.
campaign billboard rendering

The Solution

Taking inspiration from other national campaigns, like those from People for Bikes, I assembled a creative team to brainstorm conceptual approaches at humanizing bike riders on the road. The final concept focuses on the professions and roles bike commuters hold in the community through split-frame photography. This composite image reminds car commuters that the bike rider in front of them may be their barista, dentist, or babysitter in as little as ten minutes. A visual approach to use real and local bike riders in the twin cities further connected person to perception, and created opportunities for future sponsorship and new content.

The Results

The campaign launched on a variety of medium including social media, bus ads, and billboards. In addition to press coverage, the campaign was also substantiated by local governments. It has yet to be seen if it has had a positive impact on road safety, but the collaboration strengthened Bike BloNo’s commitment to bike advocacy and relationship with city governments.

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