Outreach Branding

Outreach Branding

Identity / Various U.S. Cities and Regions / 2019-2021

The Problem

When cities undergo major transportation projects public outreach, communication, and education is a large part of the planning process, and often mandated by law. To reach local audiences impacted by these projects, temporary brands are created to establish recognition, consistency, and trust.

The Projects

The project brands featured here vary from small recreational trail funding initiatives to broad multi-phase regional transit studies. Likewise, funding, scope, and timelines also varied greatly from project to project, requiring a flexible methodology for brand development that was modular and adaptive.


  • Facilitated brand discovery sessions with project managers and clients.
  • Integrated participatory design methods with clients to gain clarity in expectations and establish shared vision.
  • Developed original logo and identity graphics.
  • Created brand style guides for client and internal teams.
  • Created document templates in Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign, as well as Creative Cloud libraries.
campaign billboard rendering

The Solution

Using an iterative and participatory approach to the development of brand assets, clients and stakeholders were able to provide immediate visual feedback to each concept phase. Community insights are blended with corporate identity standards to produce a professional yet memorable visual language that spoke directly to a local population.

The Work

the results

All of the identity systems and collateral above were put into production for their respective projects. All were met favorably with client staff, and intended audiences and were created and delivered on time and on budget.

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