Ivy Craft

Identity/Ivy Craft Beer Distributors LLC/2015

The Problem

Craft beer is big in the United States. Each year more and more breweries open up in every small town and large city across the land, and each one adds competition to the national and global beer market. With its fierce resurgence in post-prohibition America and growing slow-food movement, the culture of breweries, beer-drinking, and experimental flavors is in high demand with international audiences. Access to these products however is not easy for overseas pockets of drinking cultures, traditionally more focused on spirits.

The Project

A startup exportation business, Ivy Craft Beer Distributors LLC sought to connect new beer drinkers to American products, and distributors to new product lines. Through partnerships with small craft and production breweries, Ivy Craft would handle the exportation of their product to new drinking cultures. The word ivy was meant to intersect the international market of Ivy-league schools with the American ingenuity of craft and DIY culture. An identity system was needed introduce the brand to the world.


  • Worked closely with principles of company to understand ethos, goals, vision, and mood.
  • Garnered feedback through iterative design approach, adjusting and narrowing designs needs as needed.
  • Created flexible foundation logo and identity package to hand-off to future designers.

The Solution

Since the brand was to communicate a new, and distinctly American, pastime to a non-beer-drinking audience, the founders of Ivy Craft wanted to steer far away from any notions of patriotism, as well as infamous “beer ads” of cheaply-produced, global brands. However, this is beer. Beer lacks the delicacy and seriousness of wine, yet is more accessible and everyday than spirits. The logo is a composite of the recognizable ivy leaf forming the cap of the hop bud; the ingredient that sets beer apart from other liquors. The combination is subtle and strong, but without conceit. The familiar green hues step away from nationalistic red, white and blue, and focus on the quality of natural, whole ingredients. The typography reinforces a friendly yet confident demeanor.

The Results

While still in it’s infancy, Ivy Craft already has four major craft brewery partners and distributes in many Asian countries. The mark and identity have been unique introduction to a new market.

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