Parking Toolbox

Website/North Central Texas Council of Governments/2020

The Problem

The North Central Texas Council of Governments commissioned Nelson\Nygaard to conduct a parking study to assess best practices along two major transit lines in the Dallas metro area. The resulting report identified 15 different approaches to manage parking that better supports transit-oriented development. However, this vital information was buried in an inaccessible 86 page technical document.

The Project

To reach a specific audience of developers, investors, planners, and advocates, an interactive website was commissioned to filter parking solutions based on multiple needs; such as future-proofing existing structures against changes requirements or facilitate shared parking agreements.


  • Worked with project managers and clients to identify scope of functionality.
  • Created testable proof-of-concepts in both analog and digital environments.
  • Managed entire web design process from start to finish including wireframing, content architecture, user testing, high-fidelity mockups, prototyping, and launch.
  • Led client through successful branding discovery session to provide concise understandable name for the project.
parking toolbox website walkthrough animate gif

The Solution

The website was branded as a Parking Toolbox and built around providing the target audience with the ability to filter tools based on their specific situational requirements. The site also included a page dedicated to key takeaways that I reduced down to simple understandable graphics.

The Work

View Parking Toolbox website

The Results

The Parking Toolbox website received positive feedback from the client, and is an example of how complex transportation studies can be made understandable and accessible to a target audience, yet still provide dynamic interaction. It has become a permanent addition to statement of qualifications for the company.

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