Art 302 Syllabus

Course Description

This course will provide an introduction to web design and development using standards-compliant HTML and CSS. Brackets, Chrome, Photoshop and Illustrator will be the predominant tools used during the semester.


Jacob DeGeal (don’t use ReggieNet mail)
Office hours by appointment only


  • Jan-Feb: Code (HTML/CSS)
  • March: UX/UI Design Process
  • April-May: Projects and application
  • Final Project Due during Success Week

Assignments & Projects

There will be weekly assignments and readings on the topics discussed in class that will be due the following week. If you are going to be absent from class you will need to let me know ahead of time and turn in any due assignments or reading before class time.


Class time is designed to provide learning opportunities that can’t easily or reasonably be duplicated outside of class, so in order to get the fullest learning experience, please attend and participate in all classes. You will be expected to contribute to class discussions and to offer constructive critiques of your fellow students’ projects and presentations.


  • 12.5% – Assignments
  • 12.5% – Projects
  • 75% – Participation
  • A:  90% – 100%
  • B:  80% – 89%
  • C:  70% – 79%
  • D:  60% – 69%
  • F:  0% – 59%

Disability Concerns

Any student needing to arrange a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability should contact Disability Concerns at 350 Fell Hall, 438-5853 (voice), 438-8620 (TTY).

Cell phones, iPods, Nokias, etc.

We’ll be building things for phones, so it’s foolish to ask you not to use them, but be respectful. Pay attention in class, BE PRESENT.

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