Up Method Space Cut

Reading about the cut-up method, I posed a question to myself: What would the result be if the cut-up method was applied to space? I immediately two examples from memory came to mind.

Mirror World

As a kid I was always fascinated by how large mirrors could reflect exactly the details and form of a room in which it was placed, yet still feel foreign. Imagining oneself stepping “into” a reversed world and walking through doors on the left rather than right, seeing a kitchen expand into the east rather than west, and having raking evening light suddenly transform into daybreak was magical.

Compass Nose

The other memory took place while I was in college, driving to and from home, Chicago etc. While on these monotonous trips, I would daydream about escaping other destinations. The subtle mental shift of direction was powerful. Suddenly a road heading north became west, and romantic notions of the frontier lay before me.  A trip east turned south, and with it the exciting danger of Texas gunslingers, wild New Orleans nights, and Florida everglades. Of course these compass-based interpretations are entirely dependent upon my origin, which was the sleepy, calm Midwest.

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